Researchers all over the world are invited to attend the Mathematics in (bio)Chemical Kinetics and Engineering (MaCKiE) workshop between 25 and 27 May, 2017 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
Since its first event in 2002, the MaCKiE workshop is organized in every second year. The previous meetings were held in Ghent (Belgium), Chennai (India), Heidelberg (Germany), and Houston (USA). The meeting aims to bring together scientists interested in the application of advanced mathematical methods to describe kinetic phenomena, especially chemists, mathematicians, physicist, biologists, and engineers. The acronym MaCKiE naturally comes from the title of the conference, but is also part of the German name of Mack the Knife in Brecht and Weill's Threepenny Opera, Mackie Messer, and is phonetically indistinguishable from “makkie” in Dutch, optimistically meaning “a cinch”.

Conference full papers will be published in Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis in early 2018.